Venus in Arms at ISA Baltimore…Papers and Panels

Also this year Venus in Arms will be at the ISA Annual Convention, which will be held in Baltimore (22-25 February 2017). Almost 6000 attendees are estimated! Here you can find all the info about the conference Here you can browse the programme Our Fabrizio Coticchia and Francesco Moro will present two papers. Here below some details […]

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“Guerra, Pace e Sicurezza alle Porte del Mediterraneo” (2017)

Anche quest'anno il Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche (DISPO) dell'Università di Genova organizza il ciclo di seminari. “Guerra, Pace e Sicurezza alle Porte del Mediterraneo”, che si pone lo scopo di approfondire i temi relativi all’evoluzione della … [Continue reading]

Venus on 2016: Tips on books, TV, papers, and the late T.C. Schelling

Quite of a year, 2016. As we prepare to celebrate – big dinners around here – for New Year’s Eve, we want to share something we did like in the past year. We range from TV to academic papers. But, we promise: no Trump, no Brexit and no Italian … [Continue reading]

NATO, UE, politica estera e di difesa italiana. Due seminari…

Segnaliamo volentieri due interessanti seminari relativi al processo di evoluzione della politica estera e di difesa italiana nello scenario redazionale, caratterizzato dalla profonda trasformazione di NATO e Unione Europea. Entrambi gli eventi si … [Continue reading]

“Beyond Parliamentarism. A research agenda on conflicts, political institutions and regime stability in new democracies”

The ECPR General Conference is coming.The 2016 Conference will be held at Charles University, Prague, in the Czech Republic (7-10 September). Here you'll find the academic programme, and here the timetable. As reported by the official … [Continue reading]